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The Mindtrepreneur story

The mindrepreneur story

Mindtrepreneur was founded by Jon & Vash back in February of 2021 after they discovered a huge problem in the entrepreneur space costing entrepreneurs their happiness, success and ultimately achieving their highest potential. Since then, Mindtrepreneur has gone on to impact and transform the lives of over 500 entrepreneurs from 30 countries.

We must change how we



Our perspectives, beliefs and world views will determine how we feel



The emotions and feelings we experience will determine how we act



And the way we act, will determine the results we experience in life

The Six Pillars of Mindtrepreneur

Feel Truly Proud, Fulfilled & Happy Within Yourself

Remove feelings of unworthiness, sadness & unfulfillment. Become your own best friend and truly love yourself. Master your emotions and feel in complete control of your life.

Eliminate Your Fears, Doubts & Limiting Beliefs

Remove fears of failing, rejection & fear of what others think. ​No more self-doubt or self-sabotage. ​Replace limiting beliefs for powerful beliefs that serve you.

Master Yourself & Become The Best Version of YOU

Master yourself & be able to achieve anything you set your mind to. ​ Eliminate that inner voice that tries to bring you down. Become an unstoppable person of character.

Accomplish Your Goals & Plans With Ease

Create plan that will ensure you will hit your goals. With our proven formula, achieving our goals is inevitable. Start our 90-Day Challenge to transform yourself and your life.

Gain Control of Your Habits & Routines

​Make it automatic & effortless to take action. ​Automate empowering behaviours that benefit you & fuel you with confidence. Build powerful routines & structure to boost productivity & focus.

Build clarity, certainty & confidence

Create plans & visions that give you clarity & motivation to make massive action. ​Eliminate the feelings of confusion & overwhelm. ​Truly feel unstoppable as you work towards achieving your goals.

Our happy clients

Enver Mehmet

I feel more abundant & my relationships are now more fulfilling. This program will serve me for the rest of my life.

Craig Stewart

Jon & Vash always help me discover the root cause of problems and help me overcome them.

Tyrelle Anderson-Brown

Before starting with Jon, it was tough, I wasn't making much money, I didn't have any routines or systems.

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