Success stories

Marcus Gilhooley

After working with Jon for some time and then with the whole Mindtrepreneur community I really discovered that the Mindset is the most important thing in business and in life as well. And this allowed me to reach my full potential and build a successful business hitting 7-figures while having a healthy and happy life which is for me the most important thing in the world.

Just de Haan

Thanks to Jon and Vash I was able to uncover things that had been controlling my life for like 10,15 years and the insights I have right now, the value I got is something totally out of this world. Here I understood that not everything in business is about tactics but more about the Mindset and the emotions which are controlling our lives on a day-to-day basis.

Alessandro Minneci

I have never met two individuals who are taking it so seriously like Jon and Vash. For them it is really about providing value, I can truly say that from the bottom of my heart. They taught me that the way to get to my goals is to really level up as a person first and then the rest will follow.

Mia Alagna

I can honestly say that Jon and Vash changed my life. They helped me to get more confidence, self love, more happiness and hand on my heart, if it wasn't for Jon and Vash I would not be the person I am today. These two guys are the most genuine people I have ever met in my whole life and if you want to transform your life, don't think more and join us.

Oscar Raita

Meeting guys and the whole community around Mindtrepreneur had been truly life changing. I didn't even realize how much bad things were stuck inside me which were blocking me from achieving my goals. And also being around like minded people gave me so much energy which showed me what can be really accomplished in life.

Vedank Mohan

I joined Mindtrepreneur while my business was already doing well but I am so amazed how many things I still have to learn. And thanks to guys I realized that everything starts inside me. That you can have financial goals as big as you want, but before you start working with your true self nothing big is going to happen or you will not just enjoy it as much. I couldn't be happier for joining the community which has been my best investment ever and I can't recommend it enough.

Enver Mehmet

I had all the courses from all the gurus, I knew what to do but I wasn't doing it. Since joining Mindtrepreneur I totally transformed my life, transformed my business - hitting $10,000 a month - and ultimately my identity. I feel more abundant & my relationships are now more fulfilling. This program will serve me for the rest of my life.

Craig Stewart

Jon & Vash always help me discover the root cause of problems and help me overcome them. This allowed me to scale up the business, improve my relationships, be more confident, and much more. I am super grateful and my life is completely different.

Tyrelle Anderson-Brown

Before starting with Jon, it was tough, I wasn't making much money, I didn't have any routines or systems. Once I locked in with Jon, it changed my life. Since then, I've been able to travel the world, I own $20 million crypto fond. Mindset is really the key to everything.

Mac Magyaros

Hands down the most valuable program and the best decision I’ve made as an entrepreneur. It totally transformed my life - I am happier in my life, I have a clear vision and purpose now, and I have a consistent way to sign clients! I can’t say enough good things about Mindtrepreneur.

Deyan Babic

Jon & Vash helped me so much to achieve my goal of living life of my dreams. Before joining Mindtrepreneur, I was working so hard, I was absolutely not happy almost depressed, and I got less results. Now I follow the advice from Jon and Vash, I work less hours and get more results.

Xabiso Mdluli

Because of Mindtrepreneur, I became not only a better entrepreneur, but also a better person - somebody I am proud of, in love with. Having Jon & Vash as my mentors is honestly the best thing that happened to me. I am so grateful to have them as my mentors, they honestly changed my life.

Eric Rozhko

The Mindtrepreneur program is absolutely insane, it's been life-changing for me. Before working with Jon & Vash, my agency was struggling at $2,000, within 2 months I hit $12,000 and this month I am about to make $30,000 a month. These guys literally overdeliver and they are super transparent.

Juliet C. Lee

I've invested in many courses and, honestly, this is the only program where I actually got results. Jon & Vash always overdeliver, you can really tell that they actually care about the people in the program. They cover everything to have successful and happy life. This is literally the best thing that happened to me.

Nicholas William Young

I actually hated the course when I first got into it. I was grinding so much and seeing no results before joining. But the course is not only going to change your business, it's going to change your life. After joining Mind Systems I finally hit the $10k a month mark.

Matthew James

After working with Jon & Vash my business has completely transformed from where it was, my mindset and the way I think in general transformed. They are always overdelivering on the calls.

Erik Erdei

I had all the courses under the sun, I signed a few clients but always lost them. Until finally Mindtrepreneur has totally changed the game! Super thankful for what you, guys, are doing. I managed to sign my biggest client! You guys always overdeliver, you should 10x the price!

Benjamin Hyppönen

I felt lost, making $2,000 a month with my agency. Now, I am hitting $10,000 a month consistently. It's been definitely the best investment I have ever done.

Malika Ulmasova

Mindtrepreneur program changed my life completely - I’ve grown professionally, personally, and financially. This course will help you live fulfilled life.

Olley Thorpe

I can’t thank enough to Jon & Vash for creating such an amazing community.

Dawson Josiah Wright

I am so happy I joined, because the lessons I am learning will serve for life. Jon & Vash always overdeliver, it’s insane.

Lukas Brack

This program totally shifted my whole reality, they helped me break the old patterns that were not serving me.

Michael Buratinsky

I am really grateful that I joined the community as it has impacted my life massively - I tripled my income and quit my old job.

Sam Haycock

This program totally changed my life, I can’t thank Jon & Vash enough. Highly recommend these guys!

David Steinke

This is the best course I’ve ever purchased and I bought loads of courses. The lessons Jon & Vash teach are invaluable.

Nabeel Mohammed

Jon is the moving force in the mindset space, I've never met somebody who is as good as he is. Before meeting Jon, I knew exactly what to do to grow my business but I wasn't doing it. With Jon's help I went from $400 to $14,000 a month, without him I wouldn't be here!

Romiel Clarke

Jon & Vash are phenomenal, if you join these guys I promise it'll be the best investment you've ever made. Since joining the program I've signed at least 4 additional clients.

Kjetil Longva

Jon & Vash transformed my life and business, this is life-changing program. I’ve worked with many different coaches, but I can say hands down you won’t get better coaches than Jon & Vash.

Christoph Martin

It’s been one of my best investments on my journey. Jon & Vash are always overdelivering in every area.

Abbas Lilani

I've been through a quite few courses, and these guys want to one billion percent help you the most, they deliver the most value and they overdeliver on everything they promise. What they teach genuinely changed my life & my business. I already 10Xed the investment!

Jacob Billings

These guys changed the trajectory of my life FOREVER in every area of my life. They taught how to be my best friend and coach, which totally changed my business and personal life.

Harry Hayward

It's been the most impactful thing I've ever done, it's truly life-changing. The best thing about these guys is that they really overdeliver, they show up every day, they are doing exactly what they are teaching!

Martin Svarc

Pulling the trigger on Mindtrepreneur was one of the best decision I've done in my life. This is the best program for massive change in your business and life. I work less, get more results, and have better relationships. The whole community is like a family to me.

Robert Frisk

From the bottom of my heart, I can tell you, it's been the most ROI positive thing I've ever done in my life. The best investment I've even made, not only for myself but my business as well.

Kieren Kane Moule

I used to hop from courses and I cannot explain how Mindtrepreneur program changed me, as a person. We signed 4 clients in the last 2 weeks, after years of not getting anything. There is nothing like this!

Jose Iglesias

It's been best 3 months of my life. After working with Jon and Vash and doing exactly what they told me to do, my confidence level increased to the moon, my energy level is highest it has even been & I am the happiest I've ever been. It's been the best investment in my entire life.

Mateusz Wis

Just want to say thank you for the whole course, the live calls, and the community! I've learned how to be real leader.

Alberto Gonzalez

These guys really gone well and beyond on breaking down the steps to succeed. Both of them have so much energy that you will enjoy. They are always looking to really truthfully give value. They are very genuine guys.

Cezary Korczyński

I was struggling to build an agency for the past two years but working with Jon & Vash I was able to sign 4 clients in 4 days. For the first time I feel I can build this business. The value of the program is HUGE. Joining this program was the best decision of this year.

Brian J H Ng

I've invested $10,000+ in courses and Mindtrepreneur program was the most practical one out of all of them. I struggled with my confidence, now I have more confidence in myself, it flows naturally and I have more energy. I've just signed $4,000 deal.

Jamaal Rowe

Both Jon & Vash deliver so much value! They've changed my life, business, loved life, and health! The whole community is like a family. This is course will change your whole life forever!

Chris Ciprian

Since joining the program, I've seen dramatic changes in my life, not just in my business! These changed would have never happened if I didn't invest in you, guys.

Jorge Alvare portrait

I knew what steps should do with my business but I felt short and I had no idea what was going on. Since joining Mindtrepreneur, I learned how to overcome the inner battles and overcome my struggles. This program helped me a ton!

Alex Hii

This has been the most transformational, life-changing course for me.

Inessa Schäfer

This course has been life-changing, I knew what to do before but because my mindset I wasn’t taking any action. Jon & Vash are amazing coaches.

Joshua Wilson

This course helped me find my purpose and get attuned with it. This propels me to do the actions and get what I want.

Kenji Ongalo

Before joining Mindtrepreneur, I was stuck. A few months later, I turned my passion of writing to profitable business. The principles I’ve learned are serving me every day.

Kyle May

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been an entrepreneur for multiple years, this is community you have to be part of. I haven’t met anybody who is as caring and passionate about students’ success.

Tilesh Patel

Big shoutout to Jon & Vash for the amazing course and community they’ve created, and the excellence they put into it. There is nothing like it out there.

Shehan Solangaarachchi

Before joining Mindtrepreneur, I was inconsistent, sabotaging myself, and had a lot of self-doubt. Now I am so confident in my goals with no doubt I will get there. Jon & Vash are the people to learn from, they genuinely want to help.