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We believe for an entrepreneur to live their best life possible, they must focus on growing themselves. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs transform their live so they can live their best, most fulfilled life.

7-Days to 7-Figures

7-Days to 7-Figures is a new program where you unlock 7-Secret Mindset Principles to gain maximum clarity, feel unlimited motivation, build unshakable confidence, and form identity shifting beliefs so you can finally master all areas of your life and business.

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Mind Systems Pro

Mind-Systems Pro is a 90-day program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who have begun their journey. They know the actions they need to take to start or grow their business but find themselves getting in their own way. The main objective for Mind-Systems Pro is to help you master your discipline, consistency and focus and build them as habits to allow you to make it automatic and effortless to succeed in business.

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Mindtrepreneur Mentorship

Mindtrepreneur Mentorship is for advanced entrepreneurs who are seeing success and making progress but they feel as though they are not reaching their full potential, or they feel that they are getting in their own way from living their most successful life in all areas.

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Mindtrepreneur Masterminds

Mindtrepreneur Mastermind is exclusively by invite only where we host in person mastermind around the world, where we all collectively come together to grow and level up our mindsets and businesses.

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Company Coaching

Want to build a strong and powerful team, that isn’t wasting time, energy, or money? Want to create a culture of winners? Vash & Jon fly all over the world to train companies to dominate their market.

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